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Flight Simulator

Getting started



Follow these steps to get online on Microsoft Flight Simulator on Argonath RPG.
(Steps 1-3 apply to Flight Simulator 2002, 2004 and X. Additional instructions are for X only.)

Step 1

Access your router (usually done by typing your IP in the browser) and open the following ports:

  • UDP range 2300-2400
  • UDP 6073
  • UDP 23456


  • It is important to have these ports opened. If not, other players will not be able to join. This will get you kicked or banned.
  • It is also necessary to open these ports on your FIREWALL!

Use www.portforward.com for instructions on your router if you may need them.

Step 2

Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator and access the Multiplayer option on the left of your screen. Insert the following IP:

To be updated.

Step 3


For Flight Simulator X users

  1. Download FSHostClient (click here).
  2. Unzip and run.
  3. Make sure FSX is running in Windowed Mode, not Full Screen Mode. At the moment, you need to have FSX in "windowed" mode in order to see the various popup windows from FSHostClient (chat, multiplayer connect, etc.). You can maximize the FSX window by clicking the middle button up in the right corner, but be sure the "Full Screen" option under the View menu is not checked. (press the Alt key if you don't see the menu bar in FSX).
  4. Disable local AI traffic in FSX. (Options / Settings / Display / Traffic tab, set "Airline" and "General Aviation" traffic to zero)
  5. Turn on player names over their aircraft. To do this in FSX, click the Options menu, select Settings, then Display, then click the Traffic tab. You can turn information on and off in the "Aircraft labels" section on the right. Be sure to turn on "Tail number", in order to see the other players' names.
  6. Connect FSX to the Argonath server. There are two ways to do this. In FSX (single player), start a flight so you're in a plane, then, in the menu bar, click the Add-ons menu, select FSHostClient, and then "Multiplayer Connect". Or if you want to connect before starting a flight, use the FSHostClient window and click the Multiplayer menu, and select "Connect to session" (or just click Ctrl-M).


Getting an error similiar to this?

Download Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2

Additional problems while connecting with FSX?

Try adding port 23456 when connecting.